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Dunwoody Charter School Cluster Option

A group led by Pam Tallmadge and Jim Redovian is exploring the Charter Cluster model as a possible local control option for Dunwoody area public schools.  The first step of the exploration is a non-binding Letter of Intent to be filed with the State and County Boards of Education.

The Letter of Intent proclaims that the community will consider, research, and petition for Charter School Cluster status during the next year. To that end, working committees will form to address all the considerations of a locally controlled cluster. The Letter of Intent is not specific to the structure and goals of a charter cluster, merely a proclamation that the community wishes to consider this avenue.

What is a Charter Cluster?  The following links provide details about legislation, guidelines, and other information:
  • Georgia Department of Education: Click here.
  • Code Section Code Section 20-2-2064 of the Official Code of Georgia: Click here.
  • Guidelines for Charter School Petitions, DeKalb County:  Click here.
If you have any questions, please contact Pam Tallmadge ( or Jim Redovian (
Steering Committee

Claire Botsch
Deb Cameron
Gil Hearn
Allegra Johnson
Rick Otness
Heyward Wescott
Robert Wittenstein

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